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Key Corporates is a full-service private investigation firm that has successfully provided comprehensive results and answers to thousands of customers.

Why do you need a Private Detective / Investigator?

It is important to contact a private investigator when anything requiring extensive research or monitoring is involved.

Private investigators can research and investigate and provide evidence.

A potentially difficult case can turn into a simple case at trial with the right facts and evidence..

Investigators verify a company or individual with actual due diligence to verify operations, registration, legal status, criminal and court records, reputation, profitability, and more.

Expert investigators can advise how not to be a victim.

Investigators also screen the case for fraud and identify risks.

Receive evidence such as photo and video evidence from surveillance footage on your partner.

The key to a successful investigation.

All contacts, conversations, information and collected evidence remains confidential.

We create and follow an investigation plan, we conduct the best possible interviews and follow up if necessary, consult with others and use investigative tools and software. Successful investigation requires commitment from you – not just from the investigator.

Key Corporates is a powerful investigative agency that streamlines your inquiry process and provides you with the data you need to analyze results, prevent incidents, losses and misconduct from employees and others.

  • Pre-Employment Verifications
  • Post-Employment Verifications
  • Director Disputes
  • Fraud Cases
  • Signature / Document Verification
  • Trademark Investigations
  • Asset Verification
  • Background Check
Key Corporates gives you detailed facts and information about various issues like credit, employment, tenancy, insurance, matrimonial issues, background etc. from various sources.

  • Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  • st-Matrimonial InvestigationPo
  • Extramarital Affair Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation
  • Loyalty Test Investigation
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Child Custody Investigation
  • Family Dispute Investigation
  • Sting Operation
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Information is power

Key Corporates Private Detective / Investigators is a fully licensed and qualified investigation agency that you can trust.



Evidence is the set of facts or information available to indicate whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.



The Report is the final statement of the sequence of actions or events expressed in our detailed investigation report. You can analyze your profit, loss, profit, injury, loss, value and win from this report.